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17 October 2007: Transpiration Cooled Thrust Chamber Hot Fire Testing Success

 WASK Engineering, Inc. announces successful completion of its NASA Phase I SBIR contract for NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC), culminating in a series of six hot fire tests of their transpiration cooled combustion chamber ending on 22 August 2007. The transpiration cooled chamber was designed, fabricated and hot fire tested in seven months starting on 19 January 2007. The successful Phase I program has resulted in the award of a Phase II SBIR from NASA JSC for further development of this promising technology. “All in all, I consider this effort a hands-down success. WASK was able to design and fabricate hardware, outfit a test facility, and generate valuable test data for… [an amount that] will only buy a cost/schedule estimate from our usual vendors, this performance is extraordinary,” Sam Russell, NASA JSC.