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100 lbf RCS Thruster LOX/LCH4 Igniter 15 lbf Thruster ACCGT 500 lbf Thruster TCC REHM AFRL Projects

AFRL Projects

WASK Engineering has contributed to many AFRL projects, including:

  • Third Generation Reusable Boost Engine Concept for high reliability, LOX/methane, reusable engines for AF launch vehicles
  • LOX/LCH4 Transpiration Cooled Upper Stage Engine, where WASK designed and fabricated two 14,000 lbf injectors and combustion chambers
  • Adapter Lines for AFRL USET Turbopump Testing, for low loading, high pressure, wide temperature range, and precision instrumentation.
  • Minuteman Missile Silo Instrumentation, designed, tested, and supported installation at VAFB with 2 successful flights.