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Wask Engineering, Inc. is a Sacramento, California-based liquid propulsion, R&D, and engine development company founded in 2003. Our team delivers results to you from a combined experience of over 40 years working in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries. The primary focus of our business is on development of propulsion technologies with an emphasis on liquid rocket engines. We specialize in rocket system analysis and engine design and hardware development. We have performed program management, design development, subcontract management, developed specifications and procedures, overseen testing, and analyzed results during the course of our contracts. Our current costumers include:

  • Air Force Research Laboratory

  • Edwards Air Force Base

  • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

  • NASA - Johnson Space Center

  • NASA - Marshall Spaceflight Center

  • Jackson and Tull

  • Lockheed Martin - Denver, Sunnyvale

Our engineering experience base draws from contributions to the success of many programs. WASK Engineering provides innovative and cost effective solutions to our customers’ engineering challenges. If there is any way we can be of service, please contact us to see how we can help.